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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

West Yellowstone Montana


We are in west yellowstone montana. we have been here for 8 days now, and we are prepairing our teams for the upcomeing stage stop race in wyoming, starting next weekend.

We are having a real good time. Alva is so much fun to travel with she is our entertainment, as she explores new places and meets new people. she is very outgoing, and not overly shy to meet new people. She has made  agood friend in a few fellow mushers. notably Stacy Teasley who takes the time to kneel and talk with her, alva gives her smiles, and some small talk. she is too cute. another favorite of hers is the hotel managaer, Sally. she is nice lady, who goes out of her way to make sure we are all happy and comfertable.

Its been very interesting here the last week or so, as thier is numours sled dog teams using the same trails. its not uncommon to see 6-8 teams during a single run, all training diffrent milages and from diffent staging areas. some of the mushers who are here: brent beck and alica burke. ryana dn erin redington. stacy teasley. will and laura kornmuller. richard and monica beck with dexter lafferty. a young musher from bozman- jenny gregor. and recently james wheeler and young Baily Vitelo from out east. also here is a friend from minnistota, steven peterson and his wife shairi.

BUt trainingf has been goiing well. dogs have been running really well, and are actually surprising me with their speed and endurance. we have used this area as our headquartes for the last 3 years, and i am a detailed student when it comes to note taking and stats regarding our teams performance. and the times and speeds that our teams are turning in are far and away better then in years past. The only thing that i can really contribute this too is the perfect condtions we have had in fort nelson this year. notable was the warm, or lack of cold weather. so the dogs have adjusted to running in warm weather with ease.

currently it is a severe winter storm passing right now, with gusting winds and heavy snow, this will be a long lasting storm, so we will have to train in it, but may adjust our schedule slightly. but the dogs in great shape, and are more then ready to compete.
not much else to add, except that i am really happy with the way things are going. traveling with lina and alva has some challenges, but overall i wouldnt want it any other way. 


Rosenau Transport Ltd. 

7:35 pm pst 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday. we have been very fortunate as all of our family is healthy and usually happy...
We had a great 2011. Kids growing and playing. Dogs running and jumping and parents yelling and fighting... LOL.

But seriously, I come from a big loving family, with many close friends and I consider myself lucky to live in such a great country.
Now an update from the kennels--

We have had an incredible month of December. Terry and I can not imagine a more perfect month in terms of training and conditioning.

Our trail is perfect. The temps are perfect. The dogs feel outstanding. And we are all ready to take our show on the road.

We will depart later this week, with our sights set on Montana. We need to get to higher altitude and softer trails, so the dogs can get accustomed to running conditions in the south.

We bought a new cargo trailer, that we are putting the final touches on. Its bigger, stronger and better suited for traveling with a young child.

I cutom designed it to have 2 rooms, the back 14 feet being our cargo and supplies room, and the front 10 feet to be a warm up and lounge area. The front room will have a thermostate controlled heater, so all of our best luggage can stay warm while traveling.

The best benifit of the warm up room is that Lina and Alva will have a warm open room to hangout in while at the races or during stops. Im excited to see the possiblities this new addition will create.
I wanted to start the year of with an update to everyone, and Ill try my best to add pics and more stories during the race season.

Happy New Years to all !!!!
7:42 am pst 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope this finds you all well, and that your wishes will be granted this holiday!!

Its been a busy few weeks here.  We attend our first race of the season over the weekend. Lina, Alva and I were joined by Jon Stewert, as we traveled the Alcan to race in Big Lake Alaska.

Jon Stewart is from Scotland, and traveled with us last season, training and racing our dogs. He is a great hand and very qualified, as he has competed in all aspect of sled dog racing. He will race with our kennel for the duration of the 2012 winter.

The 4 of left home last
Wednesday, we had a good day and stayed in teslin yukon, the following morning we met up with Dave and Sue Johnson at Jakes Corner where we would have a short visit and drop some food off. They were doing well,a nd are really happy with our young dogs. They have already competed in a few races and claimed the top spots.

We drove hard that day and  the border at 8 pm. all was going good, when suddenly their was a major bang hear from under the truck. once stopped and surveyed it was clear that we had  a major problem, as the transmission bell case was missing a 10 inch piece, and we could clearly see that the clutch had piled up....

Luckily I was close to a phone and made a call to get a tow truck, we had the truck pulled into Tok for the evening. After making many phone calls I put a plan together that would best suit our needs in order to get the truck repaired and us to the start line in Big Lake.

I called my good friend Aaron Burnmister and he said I could use his truck and dog trailer for the weekend and would be able to help in any way possible.

So I had the truck towed all the way to Fairbanks. Lina Join and Alva hitched a lift from a new friend Mary. Jennifer Probert helped us out in finding a  lift for them.

Once in Fairbanks on Friday afternoon, Aaron met up with us and we transfered the dogs to his dog hauler. Then we headed south to Wasilla. We did stop for an excellent spaghetti feed at the Burnmister House in Nenana. Huge thanks to Mandy and Hunter for preparing the great meal.

We finally arrived in Wasilla at 12 am. It would be a short night as the musher meeting would be at 8am. We did make it in time, and everything was ok. the dogs were a bit shook up, but were healthy and happy to stretch their legs.

The race we were running was the Alaska Excursions 120. its a young race in its 3rd year. Organized by Ryan and Erin Redington. Its a 2 day race, 43 miles per day. 10 dog limit from a 12 dog pool.

It was a warm day close to aboze freezing temps, and the trail was beautiful, hard and fsat, with some exciting hills and corners. Its an oput and back trail, so lots of sction with passing and head on passing.

Our dogs run well, and I finished 2nd and Jon finished 4th.  we were happy as the dogs performed well, we were running a group of 2 year olds, who have never run at this distance before , so it was a good experience for them to build off of for future races.

That night we took it easy and I'm not sure who rested better, the humans or the dogs, But when we woke Sunday morning we all had a jump in our step. I knew it was going to be a good day as the dogs were happy and fit, eager to race.

It would be a different run the Saturday as the wind was blowing strong and their was  slight drizzle coming down, but we have seen this type of conditions and knew we could handle it.

I trailed the race leader, Ryan Redington by nearly 4 minutes, and would need to pass him and open up a wide margin in order to take the over race lead. 

I knew my dogs were up to it, and Once on the trail, the dogs moved beautiful, they were fresh, fats  pulling hard from the start. I did have to control their speed by slowing them down with the drag mat. This is so important in longer sprint races in order to maintain the teams endurance.

I was running even with Ryan for the first half of the race. when we entered the loop i could read some signs on the trail that their may be a problem ahead, as their was several brake marks and snowhook signs, indicating that Ryan was making some stops. It was on the next open section that I could see Ryan a mere 15 seconds in front of me, I closed on him quickly and made a clean pass, where i could see he had a passenger in his sled. we were at the halfway point and I knew Ryan would have a long run home.

My team turned for home and ran smooth and effortlessly, they were covering the ground quicky and clearly staying within thier comfort zone. I closely watched the team and was very happy with performance my young dogs were doing. I was using a new leader named MAX. he ran so well for the entire race, passing teams, avoiding tricky sections of trails and saving his blazing speeds for the final miles of the race.
Once I was on the home stretch and clearly out in front, I asked the dogs if they wanted to race home. I gave them some encouragement with a few brisk whistles, and nearly lost my grip to the sled as the team surged forward. It was not short lived, as they knew where the finish line was, they built up their speed and covered the last 2 miles at high rate of speed. looking back over my split times, it showed my fastest 2 splits of the race were the final 2 miles. both 20 seconds faster then my usual pace. This is a clear indication that the team was not at all stressed from the longer race and ready for more racing.
At the finish line i took the dogs off the line and waited for the next team, I was pleasantly surprised when Jon Stewart pulled in behind. He had a great run, and moved up to 3rd overall. He actually our run my team for fastest day time!! Its not often I get beat, but its an awesome showcase of kennel depth when your outfits 2nd string can not only race with but can out run my main team. We truly have some awesome dogs~!~!!!!!!
---in the final results I won the race by 6 minutes over Will Kornmuller, John Stewart was 3rd, Ryan Redington 4th.
Now we would begin the journey home. as we traveled to Healy that night, and into Fairbanks on Monday, the truck shop got the parts and installed a new transmission, clutch, fly wheel and sleeve cylinder on Tuesday night.

We loader up and hit the road wendsday morning. 2 full days of driving we made it home last night.- WHAT A WEEKEND!!!
its good to be home, Dad stayed and trained our kennel dogs, and was able to put some longer 38 mile runs on them, he is very happy with them and figures we will have some dynamite dogs running this year.-

Today we got the Christmas tree up, Lina and Alva are wrapping and un-wrapping gifts, and we wait for the day when santa arrives.
we will spend a few weeks at home before we set out on our next adventure.--

in final I would very mush like to thanks our new 2012 sponsors.

Muskwa Services- Fort Nelson
Big Guns Energy - Fort Nelson
Northern Bridge and Mats- Grande Prairie
Formula Powell - Fort Nelson


9:11 pm pst 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seasons Greetings
We are alive and doing fine...

After a long summer and a great fall, we are on the verge of the 2012 racing season.

I would like to welcome everyone back and will be providining a detailed veiw into the behind the scenes make up of a World Champiosn Sled Dog team.


On the home front, baby Alva is growing, walking and talking and has several trips on the runners. She is an absolute joy to be around and is happy and healthy.


Lina is doing good too, she is an all-star mother, who is raising a smart, happy and healthy daughter. Lina is also running dogs, and has a few outings with the m,ain 15 dog open string. She likes to go fast.

Mom and dad are doing good, they are both healthy and happy. Mom is enjoying her retirement and is at her finest when her grand-children are in her presence.

Dad will our work the entire race team, he is still the back-bone of our program, He always the first to wake and last to sleep, and I am sure he is anxiously awaiting the comeing racing season.

Lasrt but not least, the dogs, they are doing great, actually better then that, I am very happy but more excited in the direction our kennel is heading in regards to our breeding and performance standards.

Often asked what seperates us and makes us successful, and one look over our entrie operation it is easy to see, that our team work, thinking process and open minded approach to raising and training racings sled dogs is second to none.

Stay tuned updates to come often.!!!

Merry Christmas

8:36 am pst 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

7:09 pm pdt 


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