Preparation of the report

The relevance of the topic to the content of the work is one of the main conditions for the preparation a report. Often the student makes a report, which doesn’t tell  about the problem. Usually this is due to the fact that there isn’t enough time for careful preparation and the report is written using the first available literature in the library. Of course, there is no question of any research, it is rather a retelling of the data taken from the source. Therefore, after the report is ready, it must be read and evaluated for compliance with the problem under study. Of course, one can’t do without one book or magazine, it’s necessary to use several sources of literature, including Internet resources, but not to rewrite the already finished work and give it away for one’s own, and to search for new material on a given topic. Interesting will be the statement of opinions of various scientists, they can be added to their work to make it the most complete in content. At the same time, it is not superfluous to express oneself on the issue itself, taking a neutral position or giving preference to a theory.

The next step is the correspondence of the report to its structure. It should contain the introductory, the main parts and the conclusion.

The introductory part should outline the main tasks, set the goal, consider the theoretical and practice problems, the relevance of the topic of the report should be indicated on the current day.

The main part usually contains an analysis of the nature of the problem, the theoretical justification of the proposed means for solving, examples, facts, illustrations, consideration of techniques that scientists used to solve the problem, the definition of difficulties and unresolved problems.

The final part, as a rule, has a representation of the formulation of the experience gained in this direction, recommendations for improvement, this direction.

In addition, the report should be supported by illustrative material or presentation. Moreover, a person visually perceives info better than by ear, considering that the speaker’s speech may be indistinct or inaudible.