How to justify the topic of the dissertation

Often, the substantiation of the topic is not given much importance, mistakenly believing that this is just a formality. A competent substantiation of the topic of scientific research greatly facilitates the further work on the thesis. Careful and detailed drawing up of this document allows preliminary to understand the problem under study, to determine the ways of its solution, to predict the results to be obtained. Don’t treat this stage of work as merely a formality. This is the fundamental basis of all scientific research.

It’s necessary to carry out a constructive criticism of the available research and the developments proposed therein, and to justify the need to find new relevant and sought-after solutions. The main emphasis should be placed on proving the usefulness of the predicted results, on their relevance in production and science. When drawing up a justification, you should apply for help from a scientific supervisor. Then the rationale is discussed at the meeting of the department, and the topic of the thesis is approved by the academic council.

The substantiation of the dissertation theme is carried out in several stages, each of which must be thought out and correctly designed.

Formulation of the topic

It should be remembered that in the process of writing a dissertation, the theme should be adjusted. At the initial stage of formulating the topic, the main task is to reflect the novelty, the subject and purpose of the work.  Reading the theme, the reader should not remain in doubt about the content of the work.

Relevance of the topic

This is a part of the rationale, where you want to prove the relevance of the selected topic. Pay attention not only to practical value, but also to the need for scientific study of the problem.

Defining the purpose and objectives

The aim of the work shows how the solution will be achieved. The goal should correlate with the topic of the dissertation and organically proceed from the urgency. The tasks of the work are drawn up in such a way that it becomes clear, after deciding which issues the research objective will be achieved.

Alleged novelty of the research

It’s necessary to identify what will be the innovation and its difference from existing works.

Intended practical significance

This section indicates the relevance of the solution of the problem in practice, the possibility of using the results in production. It is desirable to specify where exactly it will be possible to apply the received developments.