Basic rules of how to edit a thesis paper should be known by every student

The writing of the course work, thesis and essay came to a logical conclusion. Have you already finished typing and formatting the text, paid enough attention to the design of headings, lists, paragraphs? Then there is a small work remained to – edit the work (to edit a thesis paper).

How to do it yourself and where to start?

The first advice would seem a little strange to you. Turn off the computer and go have some rest. Have a good sleep, and in the morning, with fresh head and thoughts, proceed to proofreading and correction.

Be sure to check the work for spelling, punctuation, stylistic errors and typos. Remove unnecessary spaces. You can use the simplest Word tool to do that. Open the desired document, go to the menu item “Home”, “Edit” section. In the drop-down box, “Find and replace” click on the “Replace” section. Then press the “More” key. Put a “tick” in front of the entry “Direction signs” and mark the direction “everywhere”. In the line “find” type a space and {2;}, and in the line “Replace with” – only a space. In the end, press the “Replace All” button. Done! After a few seconds, the system will give you a report on the work done, indicating the number of double spaces found and removed.

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Why you need to edit a thesis paper

Thesis paper should be edited if:

1. The title of chapters and paragraphs in the content does not correspond to the names in the text of the thesis. Give the entire name to one species

2. The introduction should clearly state the purpose of the work

3. There are no tasks of the thesis

4. There are numerous fragments of phrases, individual letters, etc.

5. References should be made in accordance with the requirements. All titles must be in alphabetical order

6. Define conclusions and proposals more clearly

What services can you order in a professional agency?

1. Analysis of dissertation work

2. Proofreading and / or editing of the text of the abstract, dissertation, and thesis.

3. Procession of work according to the Standard.

4. Checking and designing of the bibliography.

Master’s, Ph.D. and Doctoral dissertations are written for several years and constitute an independent in-depth study. Sometimes a doctoral dissertation is the work of a lifetime.

The author of the thesis paper is required to:

– detailed knowledge of the highly specialized field,

– scientific scrupulousness,

– certain professional skills,

– knowledge of languages,

– profound erudition,

– knowledge of existing Standards governing the design of the study text.

This is a serious list of requirements. One person sometimes does not have the ability to combine all the qualities, especially when the field of research is extremely knowledge-based. You can delegate the design of the work, knowing that people with knowledge of the subject will deal with it. This will free you enough time for other significant aspects of scientific activity.