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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

West Yellowstone Montana


We are in west yellowstone montana. we have been here for 8 days now, and we are prepairing our teams for the upcomeing stage stop race in wyoming, starting next weekend.

We are having a real good time. Alva is so much fun to travel with she is our entertainment, as she explores new places and meets new people. she is very outgoing, and not overly shy to meet new people. She has made  agood friend in a few fellow mushers. notably Stacy Teasley who takes the time to kneel and talk with her, alva gives her smiles, and some small talk. she is too cute. another favorite of hers is the hotel managaer, Sally. she is nice lady, who goes out of her way to make sure we are all happy and comfertable.

Its been very interesting here the last week or so, as thier is numours sled dog teams using the same trails. its not uncommon to see 6-8 teams during a single run, all training diffrent milages and from diffent staging areas. some of the mushers who are here: brent beck and alica burke. ryana dn erin redington. stacy teasley. will and laura kornmuller. richard and monica beck with dexter lafferty. a young musher from bozman- jenny gregor. and recently james wheeler and young Baily Vitelo from out east. also here is a friend from minnistota, steven peterson and his wife shairi.

BUt trainingf has been goiing well. dogs have been running really well, and are actually surprising me with their speed and endurance. we have used this area as our headquartes for the last 3 years, and i am a detailed student when it comes to note taking and stats regarding our teams performance. and the times and speeds that our teams are turning in are far and away better then in years past. The only thing that i can really contribute this too is the perfect condtions we have had in fort nelson this year. notable was the warm, or lack of cold weather. so the dogs have adjusted to running in warm weather with ease.

currently it is a severe winter storm passing right now, with gusting winds and heavy snow, this will be a long lasting storm, so we will have to train in it, but may adjust our schedule slightly. but the dogs in great shape, and are more then ready to compete.
not much else to add, except that i am really happy with the way things are going. traveling with lina and alva has some challenges, but overall i wouldnt want it any other way. 


Rosenau Transport Ltd. 

7:35 pm pst 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday. we have been very fortunate as all of our family is healthy and usually happy...
We had a great 2011. Kids growing and playing. Dogs running and jumping and parents yelling and fighting... LOL.

But seriously, I come from a big loving family, with many close friends and I consider myself lucky to live in such a great country.
Now an update from the kennels--

We have had an incredible month of December. Terry and I can not imagine a more perfect month in terms of training and conditioning.

Our trail is perfect. The temps are perfect. The dogs feel outstanding. And we are all ready to take our show on the road.

We will depart later this week, with our sights set on Montana. We need to get to higher altitude and softer trails, so the dogs can get accustomed to running conditions in the south.

We bought a new cargo trailer, that we are putting the final touches on. Its bigger, stronger and better suited for traveling with a young child.

I cutom designed it to have 2 rooms, the back 14 feet being our cargo and supplies room, and the front 10 feet to be a warm up and lounge area. The front room will have a thermostate controlled heater, so all of our best luggage can stay warm while traveling.

The best benifit of the warm up room is that Lina and Alva will have a warm open room to hangout in while at the races or during stops. Im excited to see the possiblities this new addition will create.
I wanted to start the year of with an update to everyone, and Ill try my best to add pics and more stories during the race season.

Happy New Years to all !!!!
7:42 am pst 

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