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Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings everyone!!! Hope this finds you all well. We are having a chilly season, its been old here forf 10 days now,a nd no letting up in the future. Daytime highs around -20 to -23. cold nights with lows near -30c.

we did get some more snow, with wind, and it completly blew in some open sections of our trail system. however, we bulit a new drift buster, or plow, and it doe s agreat job, in 1 pass it will completly remove 12-20 inches of snow, and bring back the firm base. its a real life saver when the wind blows here.

with the cold and the snow, we have had to take a few days off training. we do jacket all of our male dogs and most females when running in cold temps, and during the snowy days we have to run with boots on all dogs. with the idea, and ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.

we were able to run 1 group ( 2 teams x 11 dogs) 30.5 miles, our longest run this season, they did very well, and progressivly got faster every 5 mile splits. one of the main diffrences that sepertaes the best dogs from the rest, is how they are able to eat after a longer run. so one of our main componenst when choosing our stage race dogs is how well the eat after a training run. fortunetly all of our dogs ate really well and felt good when free dropped last night, a good sign of their physical and mental streangth.

with the holidays brings family, and my sister sam and her family have come up for the weekend, today we will have an early christmas dinner and open presents with them, as they will go home to MOntney on tuesday. its the kids that make the holidays for me, and having 7 young kids, under 6 years old, its a very happy place here.

we have begain to load up and prepair for departure, we will hit the road for montana in the early new year.

thanks for reading everyone, all the best and have a happy and safe holiday!!!

9:34 am pst 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Seasons Greetings


Hello and good day, its been a long time since the last posting, and Ill try to keep it more regular from now on. Hopefully adding pictures and videos more often...

Firts and foremost, Lina and Alva are now here with me, they flew into Edmonton on November 15th. It was so great to pick them up and now have them home. Alva is doing great, smiling and laughing and just a joy to be around. She has grown, and is now nearly 15 lbs. she will be 4 months on the 20th.

Lina is doing great she is so awesome with being a mother, calm, and happy, never gets irritated ( which is good living with me...) she knows just what the Alva needs at the correct time. Feeding, burping, sleeping, changing anything Alva needs, Lina knows what to do. And I dont know ehre she finds the time, but she i staill able to do lots of other stuff, from holiday baking to decorating, plus any and all household chores that need done. we are a team though and if she needs help she will let me know. Like with laundry, its a team effort, she cleans and washes the clothes, and i dirty them. we are a match made in heaven....

The kennel is doing well, we had  avery nice fall, a little warm at times, but we didnt get any rain, so we had good contions. Then the weather cooled in Novemeber, and we got a little snow, but never mroe then a few inches. we had to train with vehicles till late november, and once we switched to sled, thier still was less then 1 inch packed snow. last week we got a good dump and now are getting a firmer base, so it will be safer and easier to stop while running on sled.

Temps have cooled off, and we may have to take a few days off training, but we are right on target,a nd yesterday we went 29.2 miles with our stage race dogs. they did very well, and are settling into running longer distances nicely.

we have very good kennel help, Tom and Catalina, are a couple from Chezck Republic, the arrived in September, and will be here till summer 2011. Both are very hard workers and always eager to help. They have mastered their chores and know our routine very well. I know the dogs are in good hands when the are in charge.
ok time to go, baby is awake, and breakfast needs made, trails need packed qand dogs need run.
seasons greetings everyone, all the ebst and have a merry Christmas!!!

Tom and Cat, after a training run in November. Very good people and an asset to our team.

8:39 am pst 

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