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Monday, June 14, 2010

Babies are here.
Great news!!!!

New babies are here!!!!  Healthy and happy!!!

Sara and Spencer had a baby girl, Ava. She is so sweet.

Lina is in Sweden and is doing well, our baby is due August 15.  I will go over in Juky and spend 2 months with her, before we come home.

Our females are doing very good as moms. we have 8 litters and some very well bred pups. Possibky the best group of dogs we have ever bred. and i know these will be champion team members for our winning teams for years to come.

I am running adults 2 x per week, and going 4-6 miles. stopping at water ponds and having fun.

Lots of work around our place, as I bought a loader backhoe, and havce been doing yard work and tree removal.

We have 2 summer handlers here, and they are doing very well, they keep busy with daily chores and puppy playing.

pictures to come. take care all.
10:29 pm pdt 

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