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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Season ender...
well its been a great winter- our main team went undefeated winning 5 races including 3 of the biggest races in the sport., and our b team did just aswell, will its lowest finish being 4th at the RONDY- we very happy with the dogs they did awesome- and performed very well in all races. we had lots of young dogs who are maturing into champions, and will be even better next year!!!

we are currently at home, and are working with many customers to finalize dog purchases- so if your looking to add proven championship dogs to y9our kennel, be sure to contact us, new dogs will be added to our "DOGS FOR SALE" and uploaded on the dog tec site-  with pics and pedigree info-
dogtec site can be viewed at-

we are going to continue with entering multiple team in all the major races- and are offering this rare and exciting opportunity to race our top performing dogs in the sports most prestigious races.
if you would like further info on this please view the "racing " link on the right side of the screen.

its currently raining here, but should turn to snow tonight, and we will get a few more days to run young dogs, before trails are dried up. --
6:27 pm pdt 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ultimate Racing Experience

Ultimate Racing Experience

Compete in the sports most prestige's races- as Wyoming Stage Stop. Anchorage Fur Rondy, Fairbanks North American.

Race a team of world champion sprint dogs, againts the sports highest caliber teams.

Teams available from Streeper Kennels.

Contact us for further leasing information.

Serious Inquiries ONLY

7:55 pm pdt 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello all- we are in Fairbanks after a busy week following the Fur Rondy--

Tuesday we were guest speakers at a local Boy Scouts club, there was 60 or kids and adults attending, and I did a 1 hour talk about the sleds, and equipment, then took lots of questions, after that I let the dogs out so the kids could pet them. It was a nice evening, and Im not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids, or their parents.

Wednesday we went to a hockey game, I was the special guest, and got to drop the puck for the ceremonial face off- The Alaska Aces are a professional hockey club, and play in the ECHL. Lance Mackey was in attendance and I spent a few minutes talking with him, he was looking forward to his upcoming race, he also had lots of questions about the Wyoming Stage Race, as he intends to run it next year. The Aces won the game 5-2.


Thursday was training day, we rested the main dogs 3 days after the RONDY, and drove out to Big Lake to go for a longer run. Lina drove 13 dogs, and I ran 14, we went 34 miles. The trail was in very good shape and the dogs did awesome. It took a long time for them to pace down, and stop driving, but all dogs finished strong and were happy at the finish.

That evening we went to the Iditarod Draw and Banquet- It was a sold out event- with 2000 people. Tons of merchandise, silent auctions, and drawings. We ate dinner and mingled around, I got to see lots of friends, and wish many of the mushers good luck. It was a very impressive event, and we all had a nice evening.

Saturday was an eventful day- It was the Iditarod ceremonial start and I was guest rider for Jeff Kings sled. Jeff would ride on skis in front of the sled, and I would guide the 14 foot freight sled, and passenger around the trail. We got their early and walked the streets, I tried to great all musher’s who I know and wished them a good race. Jeff was Bib 15, so I made my way to the start line and seen him come up, I jumped on the runners and rode the sled to the start. It was clear this was going to be a fun ride, as I was not only responsible for the 12 dog team, but also Jeff’s life, as he would be riding an old pair of skis, hooked the gang line directly in front of the sled. The starter counted us down and we took off in front of thousands of fans- so many people, lined the streets, stood out of windows, sitting on roofs and looking down from high rise buildings.

It was a10 mile run, and we finished at the Campbell Airstrip, we passed 3 teams, waved at 50 000 people, ate 3 hot dogs, that were handed to us at TUDUR RD, and posed for a few pictures. We averaged 9.9 mph, and the dogs looked really good, Jeff would run 10 of them in the big race.


Saturday Night Lina and I took part of a new race, caller “sprints at sundown” it would be an exhibition with 10 teams starting in dual starts on 4th avenue, the trail was 3 miles long, running to the bottom of Cordova, then back. Their was special prizes for best dressed team, and crowd favorite. some teams looked awesome. And the best dressed clearly went to heather Hardy as she was “The RUNAWAY BRIDE” she was wearing a wedding dress, and all her female dogs were wearing little brides mate dresses.

Sunday we packed and headed north, we trained 28 miles in Big Lake, then went and seen Bill Kornmuller and Family, after a short visit we drove to Fairbanks and got their at 9 pm.

10:38 pm pst 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1 more FINGER


team streeper kennels- 2010 rondy- five fingers- for five wins-

Rondy 2010 was a great success!!! First place, all 3 days, our 5th overall win, and 4th in a row!!! Dogs did awesome and were very strong, with lots of speed and power.

Our B- team, drove by race rookie- JEFF KING - finsihed an impressive 4th, only 6 seconds from 2nd the last day !!! What a performance by our young leader DEE- as she led his team all 3 days.

Perfect weather all weekend, after Anchorage recieved 6 inches of snow thursday, making the trail perfect for racing. There was a 1 inch loose top, over a rock solid base. All 3 days were below freezing, which is not common for this race. I think all mushers would agree that the weather and trail could not be better.

Friday was -4c, and overcast, and the excitment was in the air- lots of spectators lined the streets and cheered us on. I started off smoothly all dogs charging and wanting to go faster, but I kept them restricted and eased them into the race. I was trailing some hot shot starting teams, but I know I would be strong at the end. At the 12 mile mark I was gaining on a team and needed to make a pass- I was running 20, and over-taking a team of 18, i was nearly by, before his team stopped and blocked the trail, my leaders got spun around and I had to stop- I ran up to the leaders, and untangled them, got back to the sled and got moving- I had 40 seconds of stop time, but the team was looking good. I was nearly 2 minutes down at the 15 mile mark, but started to out run the competitors and make time up coming home. Just as I  figured the team drove hard inbound, and I closed the gap, 1 mile from the finish I was 4 seconds off of first, and asked the team to come home hard, the powered up CORDOVA, and won the day time by a few seconds. The top 3 teams were within 14 seconds!!!


Lina and I- hold the leaders before Sundays run- Heidi and Oats- half sisters- Oats was used the last 2 days, after a minor wrist injury prevented my superleader- TROJA, from running saturday

8:31 am pst 

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