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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow already!!  we received 3 inches of snow on Thursday, and temps have dropped, it was -12c yesterday morning. and the lows for the next week are around -10c. and highs only at 0c.

What difference a day makes, as Wednesday it was very muddy and messy, it took a long time to wash equipment after the run, Then thursday morning, the trail was like a super highway, frozen, and 1-3 inches of covering.

All dogs are going great, we are really happy with the yearlings, lots of hard working dogs, who love to pull.

This weekend is Thanksgiving, and Sam and her family got to moms last nite, we were there last nite to visit, and its amazing how fast the boys grow.  Hopefully they will wont to go for a run with the dogs this am.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.

snow on the ground
2 teams ghooked down- leader, team switch
pia and tequila, ready to bring the team home
back in the yard after a 5 mile run.
we split the teams up, we now run a 13 dog team with a 6 dog team, we get passing practise, and train more leaders.
miss Lina, driving her team
Terry following behind on the "golden white" trail
male yard -
Lina and Terry after a team of yearlings, pic below is dd pups.

8:20 am pdt 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Frosty Mornings.
Cool mornings are a dog mushers joy. It was -5c yesterday, and its really going to drop in the next few days, - 10c, on Tuesday night. We cleaned all house , and gave the dogs a fresh layer of straw. They always like this, and some jump in their houses immediately, to make their beds their own way.

pictures are from yesterday. Dale and Gucci leading my big string of 6 dogs. we broke up the teams, so we can run 2 at once, thus we are able to run twice as many leaders, and give the dogs some passing practice.

The free running pics are of the racing females. we went 10 miles, with a  couple of long stops for the dogs to play and chase each other though the bushes.

some other pics of our yearlings, like Ive mentioned before we have some great looking starts in the future.

As a special treat to our viewing audience, I am realising a picture of a baby puppy, a very special pup, as she is the daughter of the famous lead dog, Dee Dee. As a tribute to a friend of ours, we have decide to name the single female pup, Lynn. IN honour of Lynn Neumann from Oregon, who has been a big help to our us and general care of our team.
lina and baby Lynn.

 picture above, Max- yearling from Casper x Macy
aboce pic is MICKEY- yearling from Casper x Macy

Lina and the BITCHES
Gucci and Dale.
6:47 pm pdt 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

 We are now riding in style. We purchased a used 2000 Subaru Kia Sportage. It is loaded, power everything, Sony CD player, heat and a/c, and best of all its a 4 door. so we can take guest, or sill it with kids, and we can all ride comfortably. It is an optional 4 x 4, but our trails are in very good shape, we only need 2 wheel drive.

We did need to replace our bridge crossing, as the new ride is too heavy for that, so we put in a 30 inch culvert, and leveled it with dirt. now we will be able to cross with heavy machinery.

Dave and Sue spent the summer working for a Oilfield company. They have been in town since May, and will work till the end of the month. They have be3en out to help run dogs the last few days, as the cold weather has also got them into the dog driving rhythm.

pics taken October 3rd.



7:46 am pdt 

Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2nd.

Pictures from October 1st. Teams are running just over 4 miles. 15-16 dog teams.




7:16 am pdt 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already




Time really does fly.

We have switched the gears and are now full swing into training. We are running 2-3 16 dog teams daily, running 4.4 miles. I will continue to free run the main raising adults, who are free running 10  miles. which will be the longest we will likely do.

With the temps falling dogs are starting to feel really eager to run, hooking up some of the yearlings can be a real challenge.

The golf course officially closes today, so now Terry wont have to divide his time, and we can complete some final jobs prior to the snow flying.

Lina has been surprising me with her excellent baking abilities. Her mom,  Maria, definitely taught her well, as she has prepared some very good sweet treats.

We are looking at a potential race schedule, and with our sights set on Wyoming , we will be heading south right after Christmas. There are some early races, like Green River, Olney and the San Juan stage race. so fortunately we will have a few races when we are in that area.

please check out the pics, new ones added.

7:34 am pdt 

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