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Monday, September 28, 2009

September days.
Lina driving a team on the atv, 14 dogs.

Good day all. Its been a rather warm early fall. we have not had a day of frost, and I'm starting to think this may be some sort of record. We have had a few mornings in the low single digits. The week ahead is calling for some below freezing nights, with rain and flurries mixed in.

Lina and I have been running dogs in teams for 2 weeks now, only when the temps permit it. as we will not run dogs in harness if temps are high ( 10c max, but in the sun we cut it off at 8-9c.)

Fortunately we loose run, and the dogs don't mind running at temps as high as 15c. Ive run in warmer weather, but living in the north, I know cooler days are coming and for safety reasons, we wont run if its hot.

The first team we are running is made up of dogs that don't like to loose run, so I make sure the get into the training mode, and this team has run 4-5 runs of 4 miles. We are running 14 dog teams, with both Lina and I riding on the ATV. trails are in great shape, with very little mud or standing water.

The last few days we focused on running the yearlings, w2e have a nice group, as they are all in the 40-50lb range, and all have loose ran this summer. Its nice to see what the yearlings do their first few hook ups. As most already perform flawlessly, and work hard the entire run. Others get to excited and can cause wrestling matches with their partner, and constantly get tangled in the line. But the entire purpose of these early fall runs is to get all the kinks ironed out, so its just looked at as fun runs, at least till we get to run farther.

I worked on the main dog board yesterday, working out of the main yards, centered between the fenced in female yard, and the male yard, is our staging area. Here we have the main dog board, measuring a whopping 3x5 feet. Its made of steel, and we use magnets for the dog names. With all dogs listed from the 2 main yards, we have 6 teams of 15-16 dogs.
Pups are all doing well, Dee and Lance had 3 pups, 2 white boys and 1 black girl. Dee is a good mother, and it seems every time I pick these young ones up, the get bigger. I'm hoping for some larger pups, as her previous 2 litters have all been small-mid sized dogs. Ideally id like one of the males to be 48 lbs, and run lead in all major races.

Mom and dad have been away fro 1 week. its their first trip from town all summer, and the went to Edmonton, of course the trip is filled with business, and dad will be bringing home dry dog food, and 3000lbs of pork liver. It will be interesting to hear how the truck handles, as we stripped down the flat deck, and rebuilt the deck, and trailer hitch.

enjoy your fall everyone!!!!

7:57 am pdt 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shorter Days.


Hello all, I hope everyone had a good summer, and are ready for the fall. We have been fortunate to have some very nice days lately. Just last weekend we had 26c, and the week ahead had a few days in 20's. Its a bit unusual, but we have yet to have a frost, which is very late for this area. I'm hoping that when it does drop, it holds.

Lina got home late Friday nite, she had a good time in Sweden and a nice trip back. Once back in Edmonton, she met up with my aunt Karen, and uncle Barry. The spent 2 days in Edmonton, be for making a long drive home on Friday, 1100 kms.  they got here at 11 pm. I dont know who was more excited, Sally or me, but we all had a nice visit before bed.

The next day Lina was up early and we went to run the male dogs, we ran 45 males, 6-8 miles, loose running with the ATV. Lina was happy to see the pups and started the naming process. with 32 pups here, she has here work cut out.

Last weekend was the club closing tournament. Great weather both days, and i played very well, making 10 birdies in 36 holes, but a few bad holes and some other bogeys resulted in scores of 70-71. 1 over par. I finished first and Spencer and Manny tied for second- 8 shots back.

This week we have been running dogs, and working on the truck, we had our good friend come over and rebuild the deck, we also added some strength to the hitch. so now the deck is level, and hopeful;; our hitch will be better the before.

This weekend, Lina and I will go to Fort St John. we will visit with Sam And her family. ON Saturday, i will golf in a 1 day 4 man best ball- cash scramble. its a fun event, and there is a chance to win some money. we will come home after the game Saturday.

Other news. Dee Dee- is walking around with a big belly, bigger then normal, as she is pregnant and due next week. this will be her 3rd litter, and both times she has had 3 pups. so it would be nice to get at least that many. she was bred to lance.

Other news- if anyone is interested in Danler sleds- please contact Terry , as he will be making an order next week. this will include, runners, sleds, hooks, bags and all accessories. Once these sleds are shipped, the will be sold in a first come first serve bases.

Have a great day everyone.

9:14 am pdt 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 2009- ITS STARTED.


Time flies by. nearly 3 months since my last post, and many things have happened. Lina went to Sweden for the summer, and is due back home in 1 week. It will be great to have her home as she is a major corner stone of our kennel. 
Dogs are all good, we have 4 litters of puppies now, and 3 more expecting. Unusual this year, is that we had the litters spaced out by nearly 2-3 weeks between litters, which was very good for socializing and individual play time. Not by choice, but by chance the females we wanted to breed came in at delayed timing. It worked very well, and I want to incorporate that method into next years breeding. I know its difficult to plan it, by my thoughts are to breed some early litters, possibly as soon as February, thus giving us pups to work for the entire duration of the summer. added benefit to this plan is come Fall and early winter, these early pups will be able to get harness broke, and trained through-out the winter.

Our kennel is in great shape. Never has our dog yard been filled with so many good looking dogs. the dogs have gotten bigger in physical size, over recent years, which in my mind is good, as they become more versatile, with larger dogs being able to compete in limited, and longer style races. Smaller dogs have always been ideal for unlimited class speed, as the team size makes up for the dog size. But as I see our future in the sport, I am aware that the more versatile the dog the better. Similar to the team we raised in 2002-2004, when we were at the our racing peak, with races from short sprint, to the stage races, and back to open class. The dogs really look great and its a pleasure to see them mature in size.

It was a very hot summer here, many days in the upper 20's and even the lower 30's. this resulted in less free running then in the past season. Still we were able to get the dogs off their chains and mobile with our start update of August 1st. Currently all dogs are running every third day, 5-8 miles.

Our race, The Canadian Open, will be postponed till further notice. Our community is still without a Rec Center, and thus we do not have a facility to appropriately hold a large mass of people for our celebration race. The demolition continued all summer, and new cement is being poured. Completion date is spring 2011. Although this is a long time aways, our community will benefit when the complex is finished. The events hall will double in size, seating over 600. which in turn will allow our club to generate more income from fund raisers, resulting in more money to paid out in future races.

More exciting news is happening with our feature races this winter, as we plan to compete in the longer formats, including the stage stop race in Wyoming.

Big news surrounding the Fur Rondy have been announced, and I will discuss this further next time.

please check back often.

2:50 pm pdt 

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