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Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally some rain!!!!


Well its been nearly 3 weeks since our last rain shower- and today we had a thunder shower- it really came down for about an hour. amazing how green everything is after a good watering. I'm sure it helped some, but our area is still in a very dry state- I heard of a new fire that is out of control south of here, near prophet river.

This weekend was filled with a few good championship games- the Pittsburgh penguins were the winners of the Stanley cup, breaking the reign that the Detroit red wings had for the last 10 years. its good to see a new winner, especially that team, as there are so many young guys, and 1st time winners.

Then last nite the NBA finales was won by the Lakers, there first win in 7 years, it takes a long time to get o the top, and then once there, you carry a large bulls-eye. Phil Jackson won his 10th title as coach, he won 6 with the bulls, and now 4 with LA. he is now the greatest of all time.

this week is the US Open Gold Championship. it will be held in New York, at a public course, called Bethpage Black, it was last played there in 2002. Remember last year when Tiger was on 1 leg, because his knee injury and still manage to win, after 19 playoff holes.  well since then he has had surgery, and 8 months of rehab, and last week he won with a dramatic final day charge.

I bought my wide screen, High definition plasma screen TV, one year ago, for the purpose of watching the US Open tourney. if its half as good as last year, I will be happy.

I am including some pictures of our flowers, Lina has here green thumb, and has made the year very nice. now you just add water and watch the flowers bloom.


below is a picture of Lina with our rhubarb plant. she made a very good pie last nite.


11:55 pm pdt 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Days are upon us....
I like the heat, but if it gets up to the mid to high 20's, i seek shade- I am installing the AC unit today- so you know its been warm.

Ive updated the site- and added some pics here and there.

we are still in need of a kennel handler for this season, so if you know of, or could pass the word on. get paid to play with puppies.

Terry racing in Europe-

picture of Terry racing in Europe- Zero ( dark) and Squirrely in lead- Ginger is the gold dog on point- dad considers her the best he ever drove in lead. she is a litter-mate to Horse.  The grey wheel dog is horse- picture from 1992 apprx.

1:47 pm pdt 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer heat!!!


well its been a while since the last post- lets catch up.

No more snow since the dumping in late may- and now the sun is back with some very nice temps. its been hot and dry and will do so for the next week or so.

On May 30Th, my oldest cousin, Brandi, was married to Ron Lee, in Vernon, BC.  nearly 50 locals went down, including all of my family, except dad who had to manage the kennel and golf club and ice business and dog pound, needless to say , he is very busy.

but we all went, and had a great time, the weather was beautiful, the wedding was great, and all had a good time, Lina and I were gone for 8 days, and did some shopping, and golfing and water activities on lake okanagan. it was a good trip, and we had lots of fun with all the nephews, we went boating and tubing and played on the beach. maybe will should make it an annual trip....

at the weeding- I got to see lots of family, Eddy, Amy , Chloe and Calvin flew in from Fargo, we spent 2 days around them, and its nice to visit with them as its always overdo.

Oh yeah- I Did some golfing too, I went to Peace River with 3 other friends, and played my way to a 2nd place showing. Ive never played there, and was happy to play a new course.  all 4 local guys did good- and we took some prizes home.

we had some friends stop in, Bill Kornmuller drove north with his son Eric, after they fly to Pheonix and purchased an 87' Camaro- , they were stopped here waiting for the hiway north to reopen, after it was closed due to forest fires. On the same day Eric Lancer and wife Stacy stopped by, with there family, there were on their way home after a trip south.n  we all sat around at the golf club and talked and visited.-   the next day the road opened and the departed north.


We have 1 litter of pups on the ground- Blondie and EDDY had a litter of 6- they are now 2 weeks old- and very nice. It appears we have 2 more with dropped stomachs, and I recently bred 3 main bitches, so we should get a flood of puppies in 2 months.


Lina has been busy with flowers and yard work, she has a new flower bed that we created along side the house- and her pots are really looking good. We have done lots of yard work, and cleared many trees, but there is always more to be done. I can hear Sally ( our house dog) barking now, so Lina must be ready to work, ---

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer- take care and be safe-
9:24 am pdt 

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