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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May mornings.

Funny weather has been upon us here in Fort Nelson, after opening the golf club last week, we were closed over the long weekend, after  a low pressure brought cooling temps and percipitation, which made for 3 inches of snow that blanketed the entire area. some areas south and north received 6+ inches. course reopened yesterday, and temps are on the rise again. hard to believe the days will be getting shorter in 1 month.....


with the cooler temps, I have been running dogs in team, mostly last years pups, and a few yearlings, its amazing to see how good these dogs are, considering the were not even born at this time last year. That's one thing I like about being a dog breeder and trainer,  the speed in which pups develop., from babies, to race teams in 18 months.

we have no new puppies yet- first litter is expected any day now, 3 more should show signs  of being bred in the next few weeks, and i have recently bred 2 more. Our main studs to breed with this season will be:

Lance- he is a proven stud, with some of his offspring on our teams already, all pups are good sized, and very friendly, just what I want.

Lyle,- bred twice last year, and I am very happy with his pups, he has 17 offspring, and all are good size, friendly and good running dogs.

Eddy- only 3 years old, but already a wold champion, Ed raced every heat of every race this year, and had 2 other litter mates do the same. his father is PRIDE, and mother is ERIN.  eddy has the size that I want, the speed that is needed, and attitude that's desired.  I have bred him twice this season.

in other news- I received email,from friends in Tanana, where they just went through a major flooding of there village, after looking at pictures, its amazing to see the volume of water and Ice. it will be along time to rebuild for some people lost many possessions.

today I will be going to a gold tourney in Peace River, 600 kms south east from here. there is 4 locals going down, and it should be a good weekend,with early bedtimes, and plenty of water...


7:15 am pdt 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nice days.

The sun is high and the sky is clear, looks like summer is here.
The yard is dry, and the mosqutios will fly, longer days are ahead.
 The dogs are running loose, the ponds are filled with goose, spring is in the air.
Mothers day is near, dads dont fear, your turn is in 1 month.

The leaves are arriving,  flowers are blooming, kids will play outside.
The waether is hotter, spraying kids with water- dont you love this time of year?
8:21 am pdt 

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