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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shrinking snow.

DSC03603.JPGhanging with friends- watching the water flow,

DSC03607.JPGmyia and me- #1 buddies.

After a 1 week set back, with cooler temps- the heat is back, temps for the next few days are in the high teens, and 1 day of 21c. get out the sunscreen, its gonna get hot.

With the receeding snow- I have been loose running dogs the last few days- just around our own property, but enough time to let them streach out and cruise around.

Its interesting to work with the new pups from last summer, and the yearlings that I havent handled for nearly 6 momths, the speed at which they learn what is expected is awesome.

After woking with the dogs, I have reilized what may be the absulute number 1 requirent to be a succeful dog in my kennel and team.

in the simplist form possible, the dog must come when called.
now obviously all my dogs dont come when called, or know there name, or that I even know their name, but when i turn a dog loose, I am freeing him of any connection phyiscally to me, but when I want the dog to come, when its time to get put away or tied up, I require that each and every dog comes or stays.

some dogs are right beside you from the moment you let them loose, often jumping on you, others like to run, and once they see me at a lower level, on one knee they come flying over, others like it when i pay no attention to them, and play with their littermate, and the sneak in from behind, and some like to play games, of tag, I have no tolerence for this game and wont allow it to continue- I will not chase a dog around the yard who will not come. I use tones of voice to extend my reach and motivate the dog to get with the program.

In the last 2 days I have had nearly 125 seperate dogs loose- from 8 month old puppies to 12 year old retitirees, plus many new dogs  from various kennels. with the exception of only 1 dog, all were caought quickly and easily.

now the 1 trouble maker was having so much fun running aroudd the yard, he was playing with other dogs and making new friends, after a few minutes of watching him, i walked to his dog house and kneeled down to his brother, within a few seconds the loose dog was at hand, liking both our faces. He was just wound up and needed the excitment level from all dogs and me brought down to a lower level.

what also makes this loose program work- pun intended- is having a second person- with a level head and calm attitude. Lina and I work very well togther, and the dogs oftem use her as the go to person when being tied up.

spring clean up is here- and i am using a small tracked hoe to reditch some water accumilting areas. soon the yard will be fully dry and I can sleep easy at night.DSC03620.JPG

8:12 am pdt 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home at Last.

Thanks you very mush- it feels so good to be home=- Dad flew into Fairbanks from Kotz- on Tuesday- and we pointed the truck south from there at 7pm. we stayed that night at beaver creek CANADA, and woke very Early for the final 800 mile drive.  we met up with Dave in Sue- at JAKES CORNER, where we had a quick lunch and fed dogs- we loaded the 20 yearlings onto our truck and headed home. we had a smooth 10 hour drive from there and got home just after 12am. we had driven 1150 miles in 28 hours- with a 4 hour break at the hotel. we made good time.

Early the next day, Lina Terry and I , unloaded the 52 race dogs- and tied them to open house in the yard. Its fun to see the dogs get home, and run to their old house , even though its been 100 days since the last occupied them.

we still had a bit of snow- but were able to feed and water the entire yard with the golf cart- this speeds things up, and we were all done dogs in-time for breakfast. afterwards we started unloading the trailer, and removing the dog box. it went fairly well, and all was done before lunch. after a relaxing afternoon, we got ready to do a chicken grind, as we would receive 1500 chickens that evening.

on schedule the chickens were in our yard at 6 pm, and we started the grinder at 7 pm- at 8:15 we had ground all chickens into the pails we use- and stacked the food in the freezer, this will be our summer feed.

Over the weekend- the local Rec Hockey league, had the season ending tourney and playoffs- and the team that I play for and the new team in the league- The FORMULA POWELL GENTLEMEN, made up mostly of all young guys- aged 24-28- was the overall winner- it was a good week of hockey- with team members playing solid positions and contributing. I even scored a few key goals. I really enjoy team sports for the team spirit one feels when the team does something special.

Monday was relaxing day- but we did have to get the truck and trailer ready, as dad and mom would be leaving on Tuesday, for their annual spring holiday. this year the went to Edmonton, where dad shipped 7 dogs to Quebec, and then took the truck to a dealer for a service job, the next morning they flew to Kelowna where the will spend the next 7-10 days.

Since they've been gone- winter has returned- on wednsday it was -8c, with 30mph wind- and heavy snow- it was blizzard conditions- on April 21st. we received 3 additional inches that night, and it blanketed the yard. I was tempted to take a sled out- but trail conditions had worsen to much in the previous weeks.

so now we have been doing spring cleaning, and maintnence- soon the temps will rise- and the snow will drop back- but for now its muck and muddy to be in the yard- this is not my favorite time of year...

in local news- our rec center will begin phase one of construction this summer- goal is to have it completed by 2011-

I hope everyone else is havinga  good spring, all the best from your friends at Streeper Kennels.
8:26 am pdt 

Sunday, April 12, 2009


3 months is past and gone- closer to 100 days now. home doesnt seem real... 

its spring in fairbanks. +10c the last few days. but still freezing at night.  Ive been running dogs at the adma trail the last few days. I call it the streeper individual spring stage race.  currently i hagve been workinga  pool of 17 dogs and have now run 5 straight days. started off at 4.5 miles, then 9.5 miles, 20 miles, 30  miles- and today 7.7 miles.  all dogs are fit and strong. I will rest them 1 day, and then a final run on Tuesday morning.

Dad will fly back on tuesday- and we will hit the road home. likely we will be there wendsday. we will meet our yearling team in whitehorse, and take them 25 dogs home with us.

lina is at home with the kennel, she is looking after everything, temps have been hot there and the large snowfall from the season is shrinking.

Dad had a good run in the villiges- he won every heat in both races, and onbly dropped 2 dogs in 6 days of runnning. I took a team to Tanana, and the team had a strong finish, 4th overall.

I watched the masters golf tourney today- and got the itch to play- cant wait to take some money off spencer and manny...

enjoy your spring everyone!!!!!

5:50 pm pdt 

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