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Friday, January 30, 2009

Draw for Willow Championship

16 mushers will leave the line in the open class.  Trail is going to be slow from the 10 inches of snow that has fallen over the last 2 days. High winds expected.

Open Class - 12.3 miles:

Jack berry cola
lina glad to be in alaska
courtney moore speed needed
doctor arliegh reynolds phd
BUd Streeper
Joee Redington aint no senior
wild BILL Kormuller
Steady Eddy dayton
Mari Wood you give me a good pass
Snegil Egil Ellis
Eric, not lanser- renberg
johny be good erhart
Black and blue Dori Hollingsworth
Gail- ain't no snail- hoekman
Marvin Kokrine-oserous

8 Dog Class:

Helen lund-berger
evyelin-ill beeter
Brenda Burge bruiser
Jennifer Probert- sanferd- probert- sanferd-probert
Greg - Ill sell it to you- sellitine
Lina Look over your should Glad
Katie wood like to go faster
wendy hold on tooo tight- callis
amanada -big- byrd
Buddy -wishes he had more dogs- streeper
eagle will fly- ellis

10:35 pm pst 

Races are a go!!!

Good news from here. After attending the ASDRA club meeting last night, it has been confirmed that the race season in Anchorage will go on as scheduled.

We spent hours at the club trail yesterday, dad took an old packing device around the trail and I built a large 4 x 8 plywood bottom packer from scrap material from around the club area. We used it after and it does a fairly good job. We will purchase a large sheet of plastic to mount on the bottom to improve it more.

Since Wednesday this area has received 3-4 inches of snow which is great for the trail, it is surpirsingly good and is now open. The trail is smooth and flat,  and it even looks better then when we were here 3 weeks ago, when they had 3 feet of snow.

We will again go around the club trail and cut back trees and willows, as well as pack they entire track.

Tomorrow is race day in Montana Creek. We ran there on Wednesday and it was very good, but since then they have received 6 inches of new snow and I doubt the trail will be as good as our last run.

We are looking forward to the next month of racing. We will be competing for nearly $130, 000.00 USD....

and the team is ready to roll!

10:29 am pst 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New website!!!
  is our new website link.  Please add it to your favourites and check back often for updates.                                  

11:20 am pst 

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